Worship is far more than  a melody.  Its more than a gathering of instruments, or   beautifully orchestrated lyrics,  and a chord progressions.   I've learned to see worship as LOVE &   HONOR

I'll be the first to tell you, I didn't understand worship in this capacity,  love and honor from a holistic perspective. What was it?  I didn't know it was possible and I for sure didn't know what it felt like.  Let me tell you I have gotten a taste and it feels glorious!   God has taken me on the most beautiful journey and I want to bring you along with me.  


There is a whole world of self discovery unfolding  beyond the music & the lights. Ya'll life gets real, haha it has twist and turns and when it is just you and God, thats when real Worship begins.  When he teaches you to Love and Honor yourself through His eyes, this is an act of Worship.  It's Wellness.  

My hope is we  build a safe community take this journey together to explore Wellness as women.  Talk about the issues of our body, mind, and spirit, learn, laugh, grow, and do life together.   

Wellness is Worship 


Is Worship